Wednesday, July 22, 2009

"News" as news... Is news, news?.. Or what?..

I've been noticing the "trend" in the "change" that was voted for, in the US, last November. We, the people, clearly, requested Barack Obama to lead us through a "change".

As an impressionable 5th grader when Pres. John F. Kennedy was shot (and endured Rev. King, Bobbie, Malcolm's demise), the "hopeful change" included the nations healing and recovery. Our healing from the resignation that we can't make a difference and our recovery of respect and dignity of our leadership.
What happened in November 2008 is beyond "Change". It is an authentic and real "Breakthrough". Truly, "A shot heard around the world." The "spirit", in us all, responded.
Here's where the "news" (I think) needs to reconsider itself. Walter Cronkite and others were allowed to give us the news as news. Since the "news" hour was mandated to make $, the "news" has devolved to a "ratings, win at all cost, game". Sensational controversy wins the game. So, "is his agenda too ambitious", "how's he going to pay for it", etc. infiltrated the conversation. Adversarial opinion without substance received airtime on the "news". Now, the daily-hourly polls, presented as statistical evidence for how "he's" doing. Well, here's some "news". How "he's" doing is how "we're" doing.
Not unlike the need to "change" our appetite for food that produces illness in our bodies, we need to change our appetite for "news" that produces resignation and despair. This is not advocating mindless follow-ship or positive, upbeat "news". On the contrary, what I'm saying here, is this. What is missing (and its missing that its missing) is real authentic NEWS.
Some examples of topics for NEWS:
  • Who's getting paid what, for the way the world works now.
  • How many children die from preventable causes. (a statistic for how we are all doing)
  • What does the subjugation of women cost the world.
  • Other planets in our solar system are warming without SUVs.
  • How do the various cultures of Humanity view the world.
The context for "news" could be responsibility for how people know what they know. As long as we are in this "Homer Simpson" moment of evolution, the "news", as the key source of anesthesia, is losing its relevance.
Viva le internet,