Thursday, February 4, 2010

Spirit Rap Written by Astarius Miraculii & E. Edmonds

I invoke, decree, and dream Awake the full cellular Ascension of my Being: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual in this Now, with the full support of God/Goddess, The Ascended Master realm to include: Our Ascended Master Self, Father Saint Germain, Sananda, the Holy Mother Mary, Quan Yin/Goddess of Mercy, Archangel Michael and the Legions, Ashtar and the entire command, Babaji, Raphael, Gabriel, Clan of the Trumpet Angels, Aboriginal and tribal shaman, Goddesses of Fortune, Angels of Light, Alohim, Clan of the Serpents, Shiva, All Christ Frequencies, all animal totems, Elementals of Fire and Air, Water and Earth. All Divine Beings of Light, Love and Ascension, named and unnamed, to activate the cells within my being, who are your counterparts. With the unified power of the One, I decree my highest good always operating in this now. I decree grace & mercy always operating in this now. I invoke, decree, and dream awake the full truth and reality of this ascension in this now
I invoke and dream awake with every breath that I breathe, the violet fire, transmuting my whole being. I invoke and dream awake the full current of Ascension in every cell of my being. I AM ASCENDED!

I invoke and dream Awake expanded God consciousness, fully realized in me as unlimited abundance fulfilling my every need and desire. I invoke and dream awake the ending of procrastination, tiredness, blockages and obstacles & unhealthy belief systems. I decree immediate abundance in my life. I invoke and dream awake my liberation from all karmic debt. I am Infinite Opulence. I invoke and dream awake my personal empowerment in every instant that anyone is impacted by my Being & Creations.
I invoke and dream awake the Infinite empowerment of my sexual, spiritual, mental, emotional, physical and financial relationship with Life. I invoke and dream awake sacred sexuality, erotic innocence, and always express the sacredness of the sexual force for pleasure, creativity and healing. I invoke and dream awake World Universal Healing from all sexual woundedness and shame. I invoke and dream awake world wide release from all manipulating forces and beings who would control humanity; past, present and future. I invoke the Angels and Ascended Masters to re-align and heal all misused energy, to include the full restructuring of our DNA.

I invoke and dream awake the transmutation of all negative and judgmental projections. I invoke and dream awake my constant ability to be centered and balanced in my psychic perceptions and empathic nature. All overwhelming psychic energies are released by me automatically, easily, effortlessly. I Am Empowered by Everything! I invoke and dream awake my Lucid Dreaming each night I sleep and total remembering
when I awake.
I invoke and dream awake my Infinite Harmony with God/Goddess I Am. I invoke and dream Awake the full expression of my Miraculous Healing Power. My life is a continuous stream of Miracles. I invoke and dream awake my infinite ability and willingness to receive All of Life’s Blessings. I invoke and dream awake a constant attitude of Gratitude for my whole life, all of my Accomplishments & Blessings, including the same for the Universe at Large. I invoke and dream awake the full Blessings of God/Goddess the Ascended Masters, Angels, Guides and Beings of Light to Bless this Earth.

I invoke and dream and awake all my decrees, vocations and prayers – I have released to the Universe and opened myself to God’s response, support & Love in my Highest Good. I invoke and dream awake the release of all past, present and future lifetimes of decrees and vows which would bind me to limitation lack and density and anything not of Ascension in this now. I invoke and dream awake the full reclaiming of my Eternal Self as Powerful Loving and fully aligned in abundant God Consciousness. I invoke and dream awake the total dissolving of all manipulating forces which would bind this earth plane in fear. I invoke and dream awake the influence of the Ascended Master realm and Angels to Intercede and raise the vibrations higher to bring the darkness into the Light, raising the frequency of Love and God Consciousness on Planet Earth in this Now!
I Invoke and Dream Awake the Ascension of Planet Earth in this Now!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Spiraling notion(s) ...

Ponder this ... and know it is probably not the 'truth' regardless how likely. Now, with the freedom to consider ...

What is 'understood' is what is under where one stands.

Meaning: a product of being born into a pre=existing state of being.
  • The conversation, the evolution of humanity, has been unfolding as long as speaking has occurred.
  • What meaning existed on the time of your birth, at the location and with the people encountered from age 0-6?
  • Unconditionally loving non-verbal beings, born ... connect, often attaching, to whoever is 'there'.
  • The learning environment for meaning is informed by the primary set of conversations one 'finds' themselves in.
  • Meaning exists in a device called 'the' mind.
  • The default designed purpose of the mind is to dominate, manipulate and control life and everything in it (including you).
  • Being 'right' is one thing everyone has in common.

Using this as a frame of reference while literally breathing into the realm of possibility ... what do you see?


Thursday, November 19, 2009

Coaching Coaches to Coach...

Are you 'on' 24/7? ... Managing life as a network of conversations ...

First, there is an internal dialogue (private chatter) - this conversation greets you as you wake up and is there when you put yourself to sleep. Until you 'master' this conversation it dominates, manipulates and controls you and your relationship with life. It is non-stop, providing a narrative of everything including oneself.

Once you have mastery of the 'private chatter', you are available to engage with the world as possibility. Your authentic voice can declare your ‘self’ as a pure possibility. Your listening of others is direct, unfiltered, empowering, intimate and potent. Commitment fills the space that opinions, judgments, evaluations and their 'meanings' used to occupy.

Peace is the experience of “being still”. Being still means being calm, balanced, at-ease and in harmony with one’s self, the physical universe and all living beings and things. Maintaining this stillness is the path to peace. Breathing deeply as stimuli occur is the disciplined 'practice' required to sustain your authentic self.

As you move into the freedom from the 'what ifs?'... 'how bouts?'... yea buts'... the 'private chatter' is looming, ever ready to take credit for the extraordinary results that naturally occur. That is ego, the identity taking credit for what happens when 'it' is out of the way.

As practice produces new 'habit patterns', coaching family, friends, colleagues and associates becomes the evolution of conversations to manage. The design of the ontological environment through linguistic rigor is a master's game.

The options of resignation, despair and separation cease to be tolerated. Integrity is the fundamental element of designing your existence and becomes the ground of your 'being'.

As we develop ourselves and fifty million others, our world prophetically transforms. The ‘game’ we were born into is to produce this by 12/20/2012. This is one response to why coaching? and what is the internet for?.

Welcome home! :)

Introduction to life as conversation... Spiraling into awareness for 2012

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Spiral Coaching Leadership Distinctions...

Leadership Without Excuses!
The Work Zone™, a "way of being" that creates an experiential field of study for leadership, productivity, accomplishment and communication. Distinct from the kind of study that explains in order to understand, the Work Zone™ is designed to leave participants living inside of and being empowered by the abstractions: leadership, productivity, accomplishment and communication. (© 2009 Kyle Winn)

Persistent - constant, continuous, continuing, continual, nonstop, never-ending, steady, uninterrupted, unbroken, interminable, incessant, unceasing, endless, unending, perpetual, unremitting, unrelenting, relentless, unrelieved, sustained.

Humble - meek, deferential, respectful, submissive, diffident, self-effacing, unassertive; unpresuming, modest, unassuming, self-deprecating; subdued, chastened

- an act of concentrating interest or activity on something

Driven - operated, moved, or controlled by a specified person or source of power motivated or determined by a specified factor or feeling (market-driven response to customer needs)

Instinctual - an innate response to certain stimuli, a natural or intuitive way of acting or thinking, a natural propensity or skill of a specified kind, the fact or quality of possessing innate behavior patterns.

Honest - upright, honorable, moral, ethical, principled, righteous, right-minded, respectable, virtuous, good, decent, fair, law-abiding, high-minded, upstanding, incorruptible, truthful, trustworthy, reliable, conscientious, scrupulous, reputable, on the level, trusty, truthful, sincere, candid, frank, open, forthright, ingenuous, straightforward, plain-speaking, matter-of-fact, upfront, aboveboard, on the level, genuine, true, bona fide, legitimate, honest-to-goodness.

Selfless - unselfish, altruistic, self-sacrificing, self-denying; considerate, compassionate, kind, noble, generous, magnanimous, ungrudging, charitable, benevolent, openhanded.

Confident - optimistic, hopeful, sanguine, sure, certain, positive, convinced, in no doubt, satisfied, assured, persuaded, self-assured, assured, self-confident, positive, assertive, self-possessed, self-reliant, poised, coolheaded, phlegmatic, level-headed, unperturbed, imperturbable, unruffled, at ease, together, can-do.

- conscientious, responsible, dedicated, devoted, attentive, obedient, compliant, submissive, biddable, deferential, reverent, reverential, respectful, good.

Determined - intent on, bent on, set on, insistent on, resolved to, firm about, committed to, single-minded about, obsessive about, resolute, purposeful, purposive, adamant, single-minded, unswerving, unwavering, undaunted, intent, insistent, steadfast, staunch, stalwart, persevering, persistent, indefatigable, tenacious, strong-minded, strong-willed, unshakable, steely, four-square, dedicated, committed, stubborn, dogged, obstinate, inflexible, intransigent, unyielding, immovable, rock-ribbed, pertinacious.

Inspired by our son and gleaned from the table of contents of ‘No Excuse Leadership lessons from US Army’s Elite Rangers’ by Brace E. Barber