Saturday, January 30, 2010

Spiraling notion(s) ...

Ponder this ... and know it is probably not the 'truth' regardless how likely. Now, with the freedom to consider ...

What is 'understood' is what is under where one stands.

Meaning: a product of being born into a pre=existing state of being.
  • The conversation, the evolution of humanity, has been unfolding as long as speaking has occurred.
  • What meaning existed on the time of your birth, at the location and with the people encountered from age 0-6?
  • Unconditionally loving non-verbal beings, born ... connect, often attaching, to whoever is 'there'.
  • The learning environment for meaning is informed by the primary set of conversations one 'finds' themselves in.
  • Meaning exists in a device called 'the' mind.
  • The default designed purpose of the mind is to dominate, manipulate and control life and everything in it (including you).
  • Being 'right' is one thing everyone has in common.

Using this as a frame of reference while literally breathing into the realm of possibility ... what do you see?


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