Monday, June 22, 2009

An authentic peace proposal...

Before we were here... Others were...
This is a moment of “change” to behold. In this moment, let us pause and look completely at how we got here. As a nation of people based on the idea and ideal of freedom for all. We the people, have yet to include the Native American people in our American Dream.

In this very moment, with all the “problems” including, domestically, throughout the world and a warming universe, we can acknowledge our mistakes. One mistake being, “occupying” the USA from the beginning of our Declaration of Independence. Now, generations of immigrants later, we find ourselves in a position of influencing the entire existence of all people. We need to stop occupying before we can clearly see alternatives. Only then, can hypocrisy leave our politic.

Two Doors to a “New” Future...
Forgiveness and apology demonstrated for the world to “see”, for we, the people to model, reflect and broadcast is an idea whose time has finally come. The humility required to authentically apologize and the grace required to forgive freely are in harmony with so many other conflicts in other regions in the world. The people have elected an unprecedented leader with the heart, mind and soul required to seize the moment. This is the time for “real” and fundamental change. The transformation of our indigenous peoples from oppression to reverence can be simple. Listening, honoring and incorporating the values innate to the pre-immigrant Americans is all that is required.

Imagine... or fathom...
  1. A foreign policy without occupation as a basis of consideration.
  2. The “spirit” from our portion of earth released and fully expressed.
  3. The leadership guidance for “greening” our country and economy.
  4. The dignity of our country’s culture when we, the people live our own (founding fathers’) words.
  5. The empowerment of our capacity to impact global affairs
Mr. President... we, the people, are ready to heal.

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