Monday, June 22, 2009

A Prayer...

Lord GOD show me the way,
Thy will be done.

Help me see what is needed to be seen,
Thy will be done.

Lord GOD, bless me with the faith to go where my eyes do not see, where my ears do not hear and where trust does not serve.

I surrender, Lord GOD, to our purpose to serve, here on earth and beyond.

Thy will be done.

Bless us, Lord, as we venture into the fulfillment of the possibility of being for ALL human beings.

I am and reside in Love, GOD’s Love.

Thank you for being the source of life and love.

Forgive me, Lord GOD, for being in denial of our oneness and for all my shortcomings.

I am your servant and worship the opportunity to be human at this time.

Lord GOD, show me the way.


(c) 2009-Kyle Winn (Nicolai)

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